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I transferred my passion for anatomy into the culinary arts.
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I love you, horror ghost spirit-burning gothic monster lantern pokémon!


Why do my body parts fall asleep before i do


their entire relationship summed up in 2 pictures


Nine years ago, Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara began snapping pictures of the relationship between her grandmother and her odd-eyed white cat. Miyoko’s grandma Misao found the abandoned cat in a shed on her land and the pair have barely been apart since. Misao named the white cat “Fukumaru” in hope the “God of fuku (good fortune) comes and everything will be smoothed over like maru (circle)”. Fukumaru is always in Misao’s shadow whether she is farming her land, having a bath, eating or sleeping. Now nearly a decade later their friendship and adventures have been documented by Miyoko in a photo book called Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.

from the Telegraph


3コンビ by Taru
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論破log by これつな
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... by ようへい
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